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I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax evasion  


Ginny Potter was in Patagonia for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup and it’s been pretty eventful! I already told you Krum rejoined his team after retiring in 2002 ohohoho BUT THATS NOT THE INSANE PART OKAY

THE HATIANS MASCOT IS INFERI, why the heck who knows not me, BUT THE OPENING CEREMONIES ARE MASCOT THEMED SO EVERYONE BROUGHT THEIR OWN (btw things have changed since ‘94. teams play in group phases now, so theres more than two teams at the cup and they play each other in phases. Winners of one group play another until theres only 2 left) SO ANYWAY THATS A LOT OF MAGICAL CREATURE MASCOTS. This started on the 12th mmkay and THINGS WENT SIDEWAYS.

way sideways.

like dont freaking bring human eating serpents, vampiric creatures and inferi to a stadium full of people. why. anyway 

in the ensuing chaos, the people stampeded and the Inferi joined the masses and DEVOURED PEOPLE WHO TRIPPED.

i tell you freaking what, friends, I would most certainly be getting my money back. And going home. and listening to the play by play on my radio. cause NOPE.

But Gwenog Jones threatened to curse Jose Barbozas face off cause he called her team talentless hags so that was fun xD


Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued

So Benedict says he wants to do Sherlock for another 15 years?


Wow! That’s like, 6 new episodes to look forward to.







…and it’s true too.

I just always reblog this story too. Because it’s awesome. And because obviously Boggs is the kind of person that should be well known, and become a role model. (And Chris Garcia, Boggs’s friend who rode as well!) 

Also, I wanted to note that there’s a scholarship fund for the two boys set up. You can donate here!: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reward-the-heroes-scholarship-fund-temar-boggs-and-chris-garcia

Reblogging for scholarship information

The scholarship fund is currently at $15k, but we know that even now that’s a pittance compared to the actual cost of higher ed. And it doesn’t look like costs are going to be coming down, unfortunately.

Please donate if you can, and signal boost the heck outta this.

Always reblog because someday I hope the first thing I think when we see a photo of a young black man is something like this, not “criminal” or “murdered by police.”

Also Tumblr, if we can raise money for people’s medical bills and sick cats and so on, surely we can send these two young men to college?



This is some James Bond ass shit that girl stole all his information I’m 99% sure


[Brendan on Tumblr]

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“beauty sleep” is such bullshit I sleep 12 hours a day and I still look like a trashcan



today i learned domesticated talking birds that escape are teaching wild talking birds expletives that sometimes become that flock’s group call

can you imagine being out on a nature walk and randomly hearing a group of birds screaming HEY ASSHOLE

oh my god




Oh Hank…

True story…he killed some old dude right in front of Hazel and Gus.

That’s actually not THAT far off from my original ending.


Los seres humanos no nacen para siempre el día en que sus madres los alumbran, sino que la vida los obliga a parirse a sí mismos una y otra vez.

- Gabriel García Márquez (March 6, 1927-April 17th, 2014)

[human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves]